Dr. Jabbarian is the visionary founder of Ema Cosmetics Inc. He takes pride in his innovative skincare products. A unique blend of skill sets and experiences sets him apart from other skincare professionals. Dr. Jabbarian has been manufacturing skincare products for more than 8 years, leveraging his extensive experience as a medical practitioner in skincare and esthetics and his blended knowledge of biochemistry, dermatology, and esthetics to create unique product lines.

With the firm belief that every person’s skin is unique and has distinct demands, Dr. Jabbarian developed a line of cleansing and clarifying products using science and artistry. Dr. Jabbarian works closely with raw materials to innovate and optimize his skin replenishing formulas. He seeks to educate the public regarding skincare, chemicals, and the effect of different molecules on the skin through social media and generic product labeling.

The chemists at Ema Cosmetics Inc. believe the world is changing and people are seeking custom care solutions to pay more attention to their personal well-being. We blend the highest calibre of raw materials into safe and effective quality products. Let us help you unlock your skin’s true potential. Reach out to our team today.

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